London Bus Museum

London Bus Museum

We worked closely with the London Bus Preservation Trust (LBPT) in a two stage deal to provide them with a new Museum and headquarters location at the Brooklands Museum complex in Surrey.

The LBPT had been based on a site close to St Georges Hill, Cobham for over 20 years in a pre-war asbestos built building. During these 20 years the number of members and enthusiast grew and as a result the number of buses on display and being restored grew. During the latter part of the 2000's reached a point where a new premises was required in order for the buses to be adequately displayed to members of the public.

Brooklands Museum; "The birth place of British Mortorsport and Aviation" was the ideal location for the new building as it was already open to the public with exhibits such as Concorde, Hawker Hurricane, The Wellington Hangar, as well as being the home of Mercedes World.

We successfully built the new Museum in Brookland and opened its doors in summer 2012.

Further information on the London Bus Preservation Trust can be found