Forss Energy Park, Scotland

Forss Energy Park, Scotland

At Forss Energy Park we have planning consent for a 5,000sq ft Data Centre to be located at the front of the Park in the most prominent location.

The Centre has been designed to provide a very "Green" design with power being produced on site by wind, along with the forthcoming wave and tidal power potential energy that is currently being worked on, but still with the backup of a grid connection.
The prominence of the site and the sustainable ambitions of Forss Energy Park calls for a considered, sensitive design in terms of aesthetics, while economics and environmental considerations demand a more pragmatic response. What we propose with this solution is a compromise offering a contemporary 'showroom' approach coupled with simple, cost-effective construction methods. The construction utilises a common portal frame system with simple open timber cladding typical of that found on many barns in farming. The roofing material is a basic un-insulated profiled metal sheeting predominantly used as an economical roofing solution to large constructions of this nature.

The structural frame of the building, in glue laminated timber (Glulam), while a considerably more sustainable approach to the structure, could easily be substituted with a more common steel portal frame.

The overhangs created by the Glulam portal frame, rendered blockwork dado and horizontal stained larch timber detailing to the facades are intended to break-up the verticality of the building and enhance the buildings sympathy towards the prominent location of the site, while at the same time creating a sophisticated visual impact that would be expected within a commercial context.

The open larch cladding which covers the walls of the un-insulated areas of the building allows for 50mm air gaps between each board. It also offers screening against the environmental conditions of the coastal site, a degree of security and protection for the server units within without the expense of providing a completely enclosed space.

The modular server units would be installed on either localised pad foundations or concrete slabs per the manufacturer's requirements however surrounding these would simply be a gravel finish to the floor.

The only insulated part of the building lies between the two un-insulated server unit enclosures. This comprises 'showroom' reception area and combined office / workshop space and offers a high-end reception space, and conference area, for potential clients. It also offers a flexible office or workshop space that could be customised to accommodate the end users specific requirements.

The Centre is available and can be built to tailor specific requirement within the internal layout, including a range of cooling systems