Abbey Stores, Whittlesey

Abbey Stores, Whittlesey

In 2009 we built a new 50,000sq ft warehouse and a 15,000sq ft Cold Store at our Headquarters site in Funthams Lane, between Whittlesey and Peterborough the site comprises of a total of 130,000 sq ft over 3 buildings.

Building 1 (65,000 sq ft - cold storage)
We recently completed a letting to IPL International Produce Limited for their uk flower distribution depot.- IPL are 100% owned by ASDA stores Ltd.

Building 2 (50,000 sq ft)
The warehouse has been let to PPH Healthcare for their storage and distribution purpose and provides excellent accommodation for such use with loading docks and 10 metre eaves.

Building 3 (15,000 sq ft)
The Cold Store was purpose built for our own business use within our subsidiary - Abbey Chilled Ltd.

At Abbey Chilled we provide a Storage and Distribution service that is dedicated to handling, storing and distributing Milk and Cream products for our client. The building comprises cold stroage space along with a blast chiller to provide a very efficient method of cooling products quickly. The building has also been designed to consider a wide range of uses and is capable of achieving and holding temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius. We have recently installed 50kw of solar pv on the roof to reduce our carbon foot print.

 Abbey Complex, Whittlesey