Ramsey Wind Farm

Ramsey Wind Farm

The first wind turbine we erected was at Ramsey in 1993 and this was one of the first to be put up in the UK. At the time is was the forefront of its technology providing a power output of 225KW, and being 30 metres high with a blade span of 27 metres. This turbine was put in to provide energy directly to our Cold Stores units that were located on site.

Technology since 1993 in the wind industry has moved on enormously and it was important for us to keep moving with the times so in 2007 we applied for and gained a new planning consent to replace the existing 225KW turbine with a 1.8MW machine that would sit 125 high with a blade span of 90 metres.

The new turbine was installed with our partners at Cornwall Light & Power and became operational on August 2008.

We have recently submitted an application to extend the current single turbine by an additional 4 turbines to create a wind farm capable of powering over 5,000 homes.

 Ramsey Windfarm